How old does my child have to be to sign up?

We are only allowing kids ages 6 to 16 year old to be on our platform as we are striving to create an intimate platform where kids can be themselves as kids while learning with no teenager or adult influence except our great handpicked instructors.


How many courses can my child take?

The amount of courses your child will be able to take depends on the membership you decide to sign up to. Our current offers range from 2 to unlimited courses due to our paying commitment to instructors.


What if I just paid the following month but decide to cancel?

Your account will be charged on the same day month after month. If you decide to cancel you will continue to have access to your profile and courses until the end of your month’s term.


Can I manage my children’s account?

Yes, you will be able to go into your children’s account and manage their profiles, we actually encourage you to

Will my child have access to direct messaging?

Yes. However, all of our site is moderated 24/7 through AI & personnel here at Kidduz. We strive to ensure that nothing harmful, disrespectful or inappropriate gets posted on here. 


How will I ensure my child doesn’t get bullied?

Our platform is made in a way to ensure that kids do not fall into the self comparison thinking as they do in other platforms through avoiding likes and comment threads. Kids can only direct messages to each other & post on each other profiles.