Know how to build a bridge or a boat that doesn’t sink under water? What about bracelets and necklaces to give away to someone special or someone random just out of an act of kindness? Whatever you know, we know that kids love creating and building things and feel that sense of engagement and attention. Help us build a healthy environment of all that by teaching them how to build amazing DIY projects!

Happy Customers

Parents have already seen how powerful this platform is for their kids and can not wait for us to expand our content and footprints globally!

I love how my boy is becoming a lot more confident and calm after having gone through the self development course. Kidduz is a real helper on developing my kid since as a busy mom, I don’t really have the time as much. Looking forward to the full version once it releases. 


Kidduz is helping my kid gain self confidence in everything he does and is realizing that he can literally accomplish anything he wants to! As a parent I couldn’t be happier!


Great platform for kids, I love the interaction and how it pushes kids to learn things not taught in school but needed for real mental and physical development. Looking forward to the full version once it releases.


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